“Inexperienced filmmakers are reason behind flop movies” – Sundar C

filmmakers Sundar CSundar C has been proving his proficiency as a filmmaker with consistent hits over the years and has managed to get the name of being a safe best for many producers. He had given up his directorial venture for a while and started focusing on his acting spree following which he is back to wield the megaphone.

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The director-actor is keeping his fingers crossed over entertaining audiences with ‘Velli Moonga’, a remake of super hit Malayalam movie, which is directed by his assistant. As he is busy promoting his film on an instance, he happened to say, “These days many films are getting flopped leading a serious loss for producers.

This is merely because of inexperienced filmmakers, who have no previous experience as assistant directors. They manage to impress producers with storytelling, but have no idea about filmmaking.

When I had to join as assistant director to Manivannan sir, I was standing with pride and it was then he asked me to clear the cow dung that was spotted before the camera. By doing so, I realized that a filmmaker has to be aware of every work so that it would be benefitting them and 100 families that are dependent on a film’s success.”

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