Interview with Director Pandiraj

Director PandirajI lost my peace because of Nayanthara: Director Pandiraj

Director Pandiraj after completing Idhu Namma Aalu is directing Kathakali now. An interview with him:

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How is Pasanga 1 different from Pasanga 2?

The story of this film is about the lives of the children who are studying in private matriculation schoosl and living in apartments.  There is no connection between the first and second. Those of who have acted in the first part are not acting in Pasanga 2. I had to meet the school teachers, parents and psychiatrist for the sake of this film. I did two years research before finalizing the script.

What is the job of the hero in this film?

 Since the film has the backdrop of children, it will be enjoyable. In this jolly good film we have a given a good message to the society. I felt that if the message is delivered by a big actor it would be better than by a new face. So I decided that this message will reach well if it is delivered by mass hero Surya who has large number of female fans. That is why decided to cast Surya in an important role.

How did you make Surya accept the role?

One day I went to meet Surya. He told me that we can make a film if I had a good story. I told him I have come to narrate a story and that story is not for him. When I narrated the story, he was very impressed. He came forward to produce the film. Then I told him that it would be better if he dons the role of a child specialist. He immediately agreed. His role is not a serious one. He will be playing with the kids. His role is a very important one. We have explained through Surya that how we should see the kids and how we should handle them.

How did you bring back Amala Paul who quit acting after her marriage?

Actually initially we had planned to make Jyothika to act with Surya.  She had also liked her role very much. Though she gave her nod she was not able to act in this film because she was acting in 36 Vayathinile. When we were thinking that who could replace her, Amala Paul who was married came to our mind. Similarly Bindu Madhavi donned the role of a mother because Surya was in the film.

Tell us about your kids?

My first son Anbarasu is studying UKG and my second son Sri Ranjan will be soon going to per-school. You can see the talents of my kids if you see the walls of my house.

With whom would you like to have a selfie?

During the shooting of Idhu Namma Aalu, Nayanthara took a selfie with me and the cameraman. After this a terrific terror shook my house. Then only I came to understand the power of this photo. So I decided not to take selfie with any actresses.

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