Is Ilayaraja and Yuvan Shankar Raja are going to compose music for Maamanithan

Ilayaraja and M S Viswanathan composed the music for the film Mella Thirandhathu Kadhavu. This film was released in the year 1986. After this, Ilayaraja did not compose music with anyone. Now after 22 years, there is news that Ilayaraja will be joining hands with his son Yuvan Shankar Raja, When asked director Seenu Ramasamy about this, he said, “ The production of the film Maamanithan itself is a separate story.

Is Ilayaraja and Yuvan Shankar Raja are going to compose music for Maamanithan

When Vijay Sethupathi was signed for the lead role and when it was decided that Yuvan Shankar Raja will be composing the music, I was informed that I should direct the film. So far I have not showed my heroes as super heroes in my films. All my films will depict common men’s life. Mahatma Gandhi in his book Sathya Sodhanai has mentioned that how a person should live. Similarly in the book Vanavasam written by poet laureate Kannadasan, it has been mentioned that how a person should not live.  


Based on these two biographies, My Maamanithan hero Vijay Sethupathi’s character will echo. My relationship with Vijay Sethupathi began during the film Then Merku Paruva Kaatru. Now our friendship has blossomed into a full moon. I am very happy. Even when I don’t have shooting I will discuss with Vijay Sethupathi the stories I have readied.

I will speak to him open heartedly. He will keenly listen to my stories and will offer his comments and advice without any hesitation. Even now he knows the three stories very well  which I have written. This is our deep friendship.  Now there is talk that Yuvan Shankar Raja will jointly compose music with his father Ilayaraja for my film Maamanithan. It is not right for me to give my view without anything  being finalised. Maamanithan’s producer Yuvan Shankar Raja will make an announcement regarding this.”

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