Is Superstar Rajinikanth-Ranjith film: A Horror Tale?

This is turning to be one of the most sensational stories of the
current times and if it happens, this would be the biggest of all
Horror tales. images (1) When Ranjith had initially approached Rajinikanth for a
film, he had three tales to narrate him. One was ‘Kabali’ followed by
another one based on Land Value issues and finally, a supernatural
thriller. dwsadfa While Rajinikanth felt that ‘Kabali’ can be picked up as it
was more to offer him on the performance ground, it now looks like the
same duo is back with the script that is meant to be supernatural
thriller. Although, it is regarded as an unconfirmed buzz, many close
sources reveal that Rajinikanth and Ranjith wanted to prove something
different in terms of story and presentation from ‘Kabali’. Ranjith
has now narrated just a one page story and is now scripting up and if
everything goes well, the shoot will commence by end of November. 2Point0If
what we hear from the close sources is believed to be true, then the
film might get release much prior to the theatrical release of
Rajinikanth’s next film ‘2Point0’ directed by Shankar.

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