Is Vishal threatened by some unwanted callers?

Actor Vishal is known for making straightforward statements and then had eventually ended up with issues down the line. He was so much vigorous over the Nadigar Sangam issues and then followed by some serious confrontations seeking justice for many in the industry. Vishal2 Now with the actor recently making a statement against the ban on Jallikattu, a website seems to have misunderstood his statement and eventually published news that hurt the sentiments of few Tamilians. The actor was then bounded to extreme shocks when some unidentified callers from unknown numbers started to threaten him mercilessly. Vishal3Some of his fan club members have registered a police case against those miscreants too now. Vishal has clarified on this saying that he had never cited anything that would hurt the sentiments of Tamilians. Vishal1In the interview that was published by a website, he had mentioned that Tamilians are lazy that they would like to stand in queues outside Tasmac, but didn’t have anything to do against the unjust.

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