It is not necessary for me to sing in the films that I act: Shruthi Haasan

Shruthi HaasanKamal Haasan’s elder daughter Shruthi Haasan made her debut in films as singer. Later on she composed music for Unnai Pol Oruvan directed by Kamal Haasan. Later on she debuted as actress in Hindi films and continued to act in Tamil films.

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Since she got more acting opportunities than singing and music composing, she started giving importance to acting. Now and then she sings in her films for the sake of her friends.

Currently Shruthi Haasan is pairing with Surya in a film titled S 3. The last film that she had acted was Puli. She sang a song with Vijay for that film. At a time when it was expected that she will sing a song in S 3, she has mentioned that there is nothing like that.

Speaking about this, she said, “I have not sung any song for S 3. It is not necessary for me to sing in all the films I act. I never even gave a thought about it. Though S 3 is a police story, I am not donning the role of a cop but my role in the film will satisfy the audience.”

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