Jackson Durai opens up with mixed reviews

Sibiraj-Bindu Madhavi starrer ‘Jackson Durai’ directed by Dharani Dharan opened up this morning worldwide and to everyone’s expectations, the audiences thronged up at the theatres. They all were brimming up with good anticipations that it would instantly grab their attention.

Jackson Durai opens up with mixed reviews 2But now finally at the end of show, it’s mixed reviews as the film critics and audiences feel that the first half is enjoyable with fun filled moments, but lately in second hour, its gets too boring to watch up. The film stars Sibiraj in the role of an underdog police officer, who is assigned by the higher officials to investigate a village named ‘Ayanpuram’, which is reported by the villagers of being haunted by a ghost named ‘Jackson’.

But then on his arrival at the village, he comes to see a beautiful girl (played by Bindu Madhavi), who happens to be the daughter of village head. When he wants to get her married, he has a competitor (Karunakaran), her cousin boy. Now they are insisted by the girl’s father to remain inside the haunted bungalow of Jackson for a week and the survivor alone can marry his daughter.

Jackson Durai opens up with mixed reviews 1Although the film’s plot is good and enjoyable, the second half fails to keep up the engagement. The film also features Sathyaraj in an important role and Naan Kadavul Rajendran too appears in prominent character.

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