“Jai is not Ajith Kumar” – Producer’s outburst

It’s been a long time, we happened to see Jai attending any of his film promotions events nor does he give any interviews pertaining to his movies. This has really caused a wrath among many media personnel and why not? Even producers and the films’ crewmembers are often infuriated over this amateurish gesture of Jai.

“Jai is not Ajith Kumar” – Producer T Siva  2Yesterday, the promotional event involving ‘Chennai 600028 Second Innings’ was held at Chennai Prasad Studio … While almost everyone from the crew were present for the media interaction session, Jai wasn’t present. Speaking on the occasion, Venkat Prabhu told that he had invited Jai to be a part of this occasion, but he strictly said that he isn’t interested in attending media oriented events.

“Jai is not Ajith Kumar” – Producer T Siva 1Sharing his views on the occasion, producer-actor T Siva said, “If Ajith Kumar isn’t making up for such events and promotions, we can say that there is a huge fan following behind him and the crowds throng up at theatres for his movies. But it’s really annoying to see some upcoming actors on their immature attitude of following his footprints.” Everyone out there could easily relate that Siva was actually pointing out Jai.

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