Joker Movie Review

Very often, we don’t happen to see such movies and rarely some producers take a daring leap of delivering phenomenal movies that offer a sigh of relief to those who look up for avant-garde based films. Joker is one such illustration, directed by writer turned filmmaker Raju Murugan, who shot to fame with his debut directorial ‘Cuckoo’. The film is produced by Dream Warrior Pictures with Guru Somasundaram, Gayathri Krishna and Bava Chella playing the lead roles.

Raju Murugan As the film opens, we see Guru Somasundaram; a weirdo has been involved in hilarious yet unique protests of raising voice against odds of Government. He can be seen anywhere, courts, collector office, police stations and everywhere else. But then what made him so vexed up to make such attempts and it is narrated with a flashback.

Guru Somasundaram had earlier been seen in movies like Aaranya Kaandam and Jigarthanda, where his roles although minimal were bounded to outstanding prospects.. Over here, he has breathed his heart and soul into the movie and not to miss his hilarious dialogue deliveries. The other highlightiGuru Somasundaram, Gayathri Krishna and Bava Chellang traits in the film are the performance of Gayathri Krishna and writer Bava Chella. There are some little minuses in the film that includes background score by Sean Roldan, where he seems to have missed out many important sequences, which could have carried fantabulous music. The first few minutes of the film look like a docu-drama and there are too many preachy dialogues in the film.

Overall, Joker stands out to be a thought provoking film, which carries some sensitive issues of the contemporary situation and it does appeal in many places.

Verdict: Compelling and thought provoking

Rating: 3/5


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