Jumbulingam 3D to offer an enthralling experience to kids

Jumbulingam 3DIt’s been a rarity to see that the kids are being amused with the appropriate contents that they have been getting to watch on the big screens. Well for this summer, it looks like the kids can have more fun in theatres as Jumbulingam 3D arrives as summer treat from day after tomorrow (May 13).

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The film is directed by filmmaker duo Hari Shankar and Hareesh Narayanan and is produced by MSG Movies and Shankar brothers with an ensemble star-cast of Ambuli Gokul, Anjena Keerti, Baby Amshika.

Erode Mahesh and many others in important roles. The film also features many Japanese actors playing important characters. So much exhilarated about the Japanese actors being a part of this film, the duo directors utter, “We shot the film across some exotic locales of Japan and nearly 100 Japanese actors have been a part of this film.” 

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