Kollywood Grannies robbing the bank


R K Vidyadharan is directing a film titled Idly. There is no hero or heroines in the film. The story of the film centers on Saranya, Kovai Sarala and Kalpana. Venniradai Murthy, Manobala and Devadarshini are also starring in the film. Director Vidyadharan while speaking on the film said, “ Idly is the first letter of the characters Inba, Twinkle and Lilly.

They are grannies. Saranya, Kovai Sarala, Kalpana are these grannies who try to loot a bank. Why are they looting and whether they were successful in their endeavor is the rest of the story? This is 100% comedy film. There are no fighting sequences. Every scene will be hilarious. The shooting of the film was completed in 27 days. During the shooting of the film, Kalpana expired. So we had to find a person replicating her and made her act. No one can find this difference. Very soon the film will be released.”

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