Kollywood strike to end by this Sunday?

The ongoing Kollywood strike has been getting into the complex phase and it looks like, everything would be coming to an end in favour of Tamil Film Producers. They have been requesting the theatres to give a proper accounting and computerization of tickets. Meanwhile, Vishal along with the office bearers of Tamil Film Producers Council had met Kadambur Raju, Minister of Information and Broadcasting to discuss the issue. The meeting happened last evening and soon after the long hours of discussions, Vishal met the press saying, “We have clearly spoke about the situation and happy that honourable minister Kadambur Raju has taken assured of taking initiatives to sort down the issue.”


On his part, Kadambur Raju has said, “It’s not a good scenario to see the industry being shut down. It looks deplorable as workers are losing their pay. So the Tamil Nadu Government will take the necessary actions to bring a good result within next few days.” In this manner, it looks like the issues will be sorted out by end of this week. If everything goes as planned, the movies Asura Vadham, Tik Tik Tik and Mercury will be hitting screens on January 13 for the festive occasion of Tamil New Year Day.

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