Look, what Karunakaran says about Ajith Kumar

Actor Ajith Kumar has been persistently earning the good name from his co-stars, actors and almost everyone beyond the film fraternity. In fact, the artists and technicians, who work with him always feel blessed to have been a part of his movies and the working experience with him has always been cherishing.


Guess who is now enjoying the privilege? He is none other than Karunakaran, who has been acclaimed as the young upcoming and promising actor of current times. He isn’t just a comedian, but has proved his proficiencies efficiently through different roles in both humour and serious shades.


Right now, the actor is sharing the screen space with Ajith Kumar in the film tentatively titled ‘AK 57’. He would be seen travelling alongside Ajith Kumar throughout the film and recently during one of the interviews happened to speak about him.


When asked who his real life hero is, he gave a stunning reply saying, “Definitely!!! Ajith Kumar! He is so genuine and humble. Usually when someone is ill or sick, we would ask about their well being and ask them to go consult a doctor, but he would directly drive you to the doctor and make sure you’re fine and healthy soon.”


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