Look why Samyuktha walks out of Prabhu Deva film?

After Iraivi, Karthik Subburaj was signed to direct a film which had Dhanush in the lead role. Thenandal Films was to produce it. Dhanush had tweeted that the shooting of this film will commence during the month of October.  

 Prabhu Deva-Karthik Subburaj

In between, Karthi Subburaj was signed to direct a film which will have Prabhu Deva in the lead role. Selection for other cast and crew was finalized and the shooting commenced and was going on as per schedule.

was signed for the female lead role. Samyuktha Hegde had allotted the same dates which she had given for a Kannada film. It is understood that she quit the Kannada film and gave her nod for Prabhu Deva’s film. When the date’s controversy arose, Karthi Subburaj had mentioned that she can be the heroine only if she brings amicable solution to the date problems. But Kannada organizations and people vehemently condemned Samyuktha Hegde because she had given her nod for a Tamil film. It is also mentioned that she had mentioned that her career is important than Kannada language. This triggered the controversy.

Prabhu Deva-Karthik Subburaj2

In continuation of this Samyuktha Hegde had posted on her official Facebook page, “My mother tongue is Kannada. I have a great respect for it. My first preference is always Kannada. Before judging please know the truth and understand the situation. Everything you see and listen about on TV isn’t true and I didn’t give any offensive statements. My language is my love. I don’t need anyone to explain it to me.”


In view of this Samyuktha Hegde has quit Prabhu Deva-Karthik Subburaj’s film. Now the selection for another heroine is underway.

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