Madhavan’s next based on the novel ‘Ready To Fire’ 

Nambi Narayanan was a scientist who worked in ISRO. In the year 1994, he was falsely accused as a spy and sent to prison. In the year 1996, his case was transferred to CBI. Finally he was acquitted in the year 1998 by the Supreme Court on the grounds that he was innocent. Nambi Narayanan wrote a book called Ready To Fire: How India and I Survived the ISRO Spy Case in which he narrates his mental trauma that he underwent during this period.


Director Anand Mahadevan wasn’t to adapt this book into a film and approached Nambi with regard to this. Nambi gave his consent. This film which is to be produced in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi will have Madhavan in the lead role. Madhavan will be donning the role of Nambi Narayanan. Nambi Narayanan while speaking said, “Madhavan astonished me. He was grieved when he heard my story. Madhavan took the whole story into him. Now I am eagerly waiting to see this Nambi Narayanan on the screen.”

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