Maduraveeran song becomes nook and corner sensation

The song, ‘Yenna Nadukkudhu Naattula’ from Maduraveeran has released a few weeks ago and met with a huge appreciative response from all the fans creating excitement and expectation in the process.

The song truly reflected the untoward happenings in our society nowadays and lays them threadbare for the listeners!

Yenna Nadukkudhu Naattula from Maduraveeran

It has been such a huge success that many political parties have started using it for their campaigns.

It is worth noting that in the present ‘hot-spot’ – R. K. Nagar election, this song is played everywhere.

With this development of their song becoming a mighty hit, the production team is rather delighted.

Director P. G. Muthaiah explained: ‘We needed a song with communistic flavor like the lyric of Pattukkottai Kalyanasundram. I told lyricist Yugabharathi. He came up with ‘Yenna Nadukkudhu Naattula’. It has come out to be far more successful than our expectations! It has become the campaign song of the political parties.

Music composer Santhosh Dhayanidhi used 2 music instruments only – Dholak and Harmonium for this simple song in order to allow the lyrics to come out in a dominant mode. With the feedback from my friends that the song reminds of Pattukkottai Kalyanasundram, I was happy that the song has shaped as I expected!”

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