My friendship with Anjali may blossom into romance: Jai

My friendship with Anjali may blossom into romance AnjaliJai had acted in the films Subramaniapuram, Chennai 28, Thirumanam Enum Nikkah, Goa, Raja Rani, Engeyum Eppodhum, Briyani and Vada Curry. His film Pugal is to be released soon. In connection with this he had given an interview:

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What type of story does Pugal has?

This is a political story. There will be a youth in every village who will intervene in a problem and solve it. I am donning such a role in Pugal. Because of this I had to encounter a problem with a politician. How the problem is solved is the rest of the story.

There is news that you are in love with Anjali. Is it true?

In 2011, there was a good understanding between Anjali and me. After she went to Telugu films, our connection were snapped. After four or five months, Anjali and I met and spoke. At that time we shared our mobile phone numbers. We went together for functions. There is a good friendship between us. It may transform into romance.

Will you both get married?

I am not interested in marriage relationships. Majority of the marriages break down. Majority of the couples get divorced. Seeing all this, I have lost confidence in marriages. Lovers who have a good understanding can live together without getting married.

Apart from Anjali, do you have any other girl friends in the film industry?

Nayanthara is a very good of mine. Now and then she calls me over the phone. Whenever I am sad or in confused state she use to give me advices. This has happened many times.

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