My goal is to direct Ajith: Debutante director Sai Gokul

Debutante director Sai GokulSai Gokul who was earlier an assistant to K V Anand made his debut as director in the film Vaaliba Raja. Sai Gokul Ramanath shared his experiences. He while speaking said, “All are doctors in my family.

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Since I had the passion for cinema, I joined visual communication course and also took training to become a director.  Vaaliba Raja has a family story. I have made this film in such a way so that all the family members can sit together and watch the film.

Though the film was delayed, seeing the response of the audience gives me immense happiness. I am very happy that my first film has come out well. I have readied two stories. Sivakarthikeyan and Arya will be suitable for these stories. Next my goal is to direct Ajith.”

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