My lucky pair is Surya: Tamanaah

Surya and TamanaahThozha is a film which has Nagarjuna, Karthi and Tamanaah in the cast. The film has been produced by PVP Cinemas.

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Recently the audio launch function of Thozha was held. Actor Surya released the audio CD. Actors Nagarjuna, Karthi and Tamanaah participated in this function and spoke.

Actress Tamanaah while speaking on this occasion said, “My fans used to call me as lucky angel because all my films are successful. I am not that lucky angel. In truth Surya is the lucky hero. I can say that he is my lucky hero.

During the Bahubali function Surya participated and released the audio CD. The film collected Rs 600 Crores. Now Surya has released the audio CD of Thozha in which I have acted. I am confident that this film will also rake heavy money.”

Surya while speaking said, “ I was very much interested to share the screen with Nagarjuna. That is yet to be fulfilled but my brother (Karthi) has got that opportunity. In that way I am happy.”

Karthi while speaking said, “ I will think twice before acting in two heroes subject. I will have a doubt that who will have significance. When I was told that the film is about two heroes, I asked that who the other hero was. They told me it was Nagarjuna. I immediately gave my nod. I have enjoyed seeing his films. During the shooting he gave his valuable advices.”

Nagarjuna while speaking said, “ I like Chennai very much. I was brought up here. I used to play cricket in the school ground here. Karthi use to call me Anna. I have learnt a lot of Tamil dialogues from him. As per the story, I will be confined to a wheel chair. Karthi and Tamanaah use to sing duet in front of me after tying my hands. I use to envy Karthi.”

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