Nivin Pauly’s double delight at same moment

Actor Nivin Pauly has been delighted about a couple of things – One is the fact that his direct Tami release ‘Richie’ has managed to make a good show in multiplexes, despite the mixed reviews. Apparently, his last release in Malayalam titled ‘Njandukalude Naatil Oru Idavela’ has successfully completed 100 days in theatres. It is worth mentioning that Nivin Pauly has been so much rigid of not sticking to stereotypical roles. While his Premam turned to be a much bigger stroke, he made sure that his next following projects don’t fall into the same paradigm. This took him across different genres of movies that include Action Hero Biju, Sakhavu and now Njandukalude Naatil Oru Idavela.


On the other end, Nivin Pauly’s Richie has been bounded to mixed reviews for many couldn’t relate the film with the regional elements. Especially, the actor dubbing in his own voice has lots of traces from Malayalam. The establishment of other characterizations haven’t been substantial and moreover, the film is reduced one hour less than the original version.

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