“One must embrace changes or else become outdated” – AR Rahman

Academy award winning music director AR Rahman has released his first ever concert based film titled ‘One Heart’. The funds collected through this film will be donated to the ‘One Heart Foundation’, which will be used for the sake of giving pension to the aged music directors. The film features the collection of concerts of AR Rahman that happened all over the world.  The film has a running length of 87 minutes with the first half completely revolving around the concerts and backstage events too.


Moreover, AR Rahman has been busy promoting the film in all media channels. During one such interview, he was asked on how he accept the new changes in the technological process and the perception of music across the newer generation.


AR Rahman replied saying, “One must embrace the changes or else we tend to become outdated.”


AR Rahman has lined up lots of releases in South cinema and Bollywood along with some International projects as well.

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