PETA slams Suriya on seeking cheap publicity for Singam 3

Not long back in time and not more than a day, Suriya on his promotional visit for Singam 3 had uttered some strong words on PETA for imposing ban upon Jallikattu.


The actor cited that the power of youth is so much appreciable. This issue would be in favour of us all and one must continue to strive and fight against such threats to our Tamil culture.


Now that the situations are getting rigorous and tense, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneer Selvam is leaving to New Delhi tomorrow morning to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, PET Government Affairs Liaison, Nikunj Sharma has mentioned alleging Suriya that he is seeking cheap publicity for his upcoming film ‘Singam 3’ that is scheduled for release next week.


Furthermore Nikunj added that during the hosting of illegal Jallikattu game the lives of bulls and men were lost and who will hold responsibility for it.

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