“Quit smoking and drinking” – Superstar Rajinikanth’s advice to fans

For the next 5days commencing from yesterday, Rajinikanth has been meeting his fans at  his own Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam  located in Kodambakkam. The inaugural function was held yesterday. Director S P Muthuraman participated in this function. Majority of Rajini’s fans participated in this function.


Given below are the excerpts of Rajinikanth speech:


Rajinikanth addressed the gathering after S P Muthuraman spoke. He has requested to quit smoking and alcohol.  He while addressing the people said, “Drinking will affect the minds but I am not a yogi to request you to quit smoking and drinking once for all. I also had the drinking habit. Because of this, I used to go late for shooting. Director S P Muthuraman advised me. From that time I will be the first person to be at the shooting spot. Fans should take care of their family.” Fans from various districts participated in this function.


Getting to speak about his political venture, Rajinikanth affirmed that things will happen if that is God’s plan. “If I come into politics, I will not spare any people who cheat system,” totted up Rajinikanth.


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