Radhika Apte – The Kabali girl and her problem in public

Actress Radhika Apte in spite of making her debut in Tamil Cinema through the movie ‘Dhoni’  didn’t manage to steal the spotlights and her second outing titled ‘All in All Azhagu Raja’ never had a good reception for her. radhika-apte-rajnikanth-kabali-200716_1468993961_725x725But then her ultimate magnum opus ‘Kabali’ with Superstar Rajinikanth in lead role turned the spotlights upon her.Now that the actress is gaining more offers from Kollywood, she is keeping herself substantial enough to avoid them and is ready to take up scripts that only offer her strong characterizations.09cp_radhika_2_jpg_2503099g The actress in her recent interview has cited that being a celebrity has put forth some pressures as well. “When a person comes to click photos with me in public, even the ones who aren’t aware that I am an actress want to do the same. Many times, I have seen many coming to me asking ‘Are you actress? 53336204So tell me what movies are you doing now??”says Radhika Apte. The actress also says that in spite of age difference between her and Rajinikanth, both of them were sharing anything under the sun.

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