Rajinikanth’s special appreciation for Mohanlal movie

Irrespective of what language or region a film belongs to, Superstar Rajinikanth would obviously make some time for watching the films that really impress him or his close circle of friends would suggest so. Recently, he happened to watch Mohanlal’s latest release ‘Oppam’, which had hit screens yesterday.


The film is a suspense thriller featuring Mohanlal as a blind person, who is held as a prime suspect in a murder. The film is directed by Priyadarshan and the trailer cut was handled by Premam fame Alphonse Puthren. The screening happened at the residence of Superstar Rajinikanth and soon after watching the film, he immediately appreciated Mohanlal for his spellbinding performance. It happened to be a factor that is expected as a buzz whether Rajinikanth wanted to remake this film and that was the reason behind viewing it personally.


It is worth mentioning that Mohanlal’s Drishyam was initially meant to feature Superstar Rajinikanth in the Tamil remake, but it didn’t materialize due to some reasons. Off the late, Kamal Haasan picked up the film with the title ‘Papanasam’.

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