Ram Gopal Varma stirs Rajinikanth-Sudeep controversy

The father of all controversies – Ram Gopal Varma is back in action and remembers there was a time when we used to ennoble him as the father of unorthodox style of filmmaking, which has declined now. Ram Gopal Varma being the close friend of Kiccha Sudeep happened to see his latest movie ‘Kottigobba 2’, which is simultaneously released in Tamil as ‘Mudinja Ivana Pudi’ starring Nithya Menen in female lead role. gopal-story_647_080215063224 Soon after watching the special screening, Ram Gopal Varma happened to tweet on his micro-blogging page saying, “@KicchaSudeep I just saw kotigobba 2 and I honestly think u shud change ur name from Kiccha Sudeepa to Rajni Sudeepa, [sic]” He continued to add up more controversy by getting on Sudeep for comparison with Superstar Rajinikanth and Late actor Vishnuvardhan saying, “@KicchaSudeep Saw Kotigobba..compared to ur performance in Kotigobba 2 Vishnuvardhan looks amateur n if his fans disagree they also amateur.[sic]”  Rajinikanth-Sudeep controversyFinally to get the Rajinikanth fans infuriated, he gave a statement to tot up saying, “@KicchaSudeep U can any day do a Robot in ur sleep but Rajnikant can’t do a Eega even in his dream..Respect.”

Sooner Sudeep came down to the scene for putting an end to this infuriating scenario by writing on his Twitter wall, “Thanks fr th appreciation sir….but I’m nowhere close nor a comparison to th two legends,,Vishnusir & RajiniSir..(sic)…”

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