Ranjith says ‘Yes’ to Kabali sequel

Filmmaker Pa. Ranjith could be the happiest person on planet now for his overnight shoot to bigger status has been an enthralling moment. While his third outing titled ‘Kabali’ with Superstar Rajinikanth in lead role is spinning a huge business in box office, the director was spotted cool and sangfroid without taking success more to the head. Ranjith says ‘Yes’ to Kabali sequel2He was humble and polite in his direct of speech, which furthermore made the media channels acclaim his good gesture. During the media interaction at success meet, he gladly cited that there are more rooms to make the film’s sequel, especially with the open ending, but it’s all about Superstar’s approval.

By the end credits, we find a blank screen with gunshot that gives lots of assumptions on what could have happened. Although, the story’s justification would be the assassination of ‘Kabali’, his strong characterization and the ability to overcome many such attempts gave a clear idea that he is not dead.

Ranjith says ‘Yes’ to Kabali sequel Perhaps, if Superstar Rajinikanth isn’t ready to go with the ‘Kabali’ sequel, there could be a new hero from the top league taking over the ‘Kabali’ franchise just as it happened with ‘Billa’ that passed on from Rajinikanth to Ajith Kumar.

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