Sadha to pair with Vadivelu

Sadha and VadiveluAfter Imsai Arasan 23M Pulikesi, Indiralohathil Na Azhagappan and Tenaliraman, Vadivelu will be once again donning the lead role in a film titled Eli.

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Everyone is aware that the First Look Poster of this film was released. Yuvaraj who had earlier directed Tenaliraman will be directing the film.

The story of the film is about a detective in a story that happens in 1970. Vadivelu is donning the detective role. Selection for the heroine was going on for a long time. Now Sadha who had acted in Jayam, Anniyan and Ethiri will be pairing with Vadivelu. This film which is being produced by Satish Kumar has the music of Vidyasagar.

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