Sangu Chakkram wins the hearts of family audiences

It happened to be a much competing Friday as there were four releases based on different genres. Jai-Anjali starrer Balloon followed by Sangu Chakkram, Kalavadiya Pozhudhugal and Ulkuthu. The films are doing a passable show in the box office with the yearend phase. Among all these movies, Sangu Chakkram has been getting the best touch of appreciations from the film critics and family audiences. Sangu-ChakkaramThe film features young kids in lead roles including Pasanga 2 fame Nishesh with producer Punnagai Poo Geetha and Dhilip Subbarayan in lead roles. The film has proved to be a decent family entertainer. The film actually traverses through different characters are getting into a house from different areas, which are already haunted. But these are good ghosts that actually the innocent people inside the house to get saved from the bad people. There is a good scope for dialogues in the film, where the ghost character asks human do they desire for lust, money or property like humans? Such dialogues in the film gets a good applause in the theatres.

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