Sasikumar’s promise of different treat in Kidaari

Sasikumar hasn’t just proved his proficiency in film making on top-notch levels, but is so much garnered with huge praises for his naturalistic acting too. With all his movies incessantly proving to be decorous family entertainers, where all characters are given equal prominence, especially with the heroines getting meaty scope, his upcoming film ‘Kidaari’ is going to be no exception. But in particular treatment of script, it will be proving to be a different and unique one.


Shedding lights on this film Kidaari, Sasikumar says, “In all my films, my role would be center of attraction and supporting characters would be based on my actions and reactions. But in this film, the other characters would be showcasing more substantiality and I would be driven by their acts. Each character will be moving the film to next point of intensity.”
Sasikumar also adds that of all the films that came to him for acting, he feels that Kidaari is something a sort of film that he wanted to direct and he feels so much privileged to have been a part of this film.
The film is directed by debutant Prasath Murugesan and is scheduled for release by the month of September.

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