Seema Raja Art Director Muthuraj gets emotional about cinematographer

The trailer and some scenes about the film ‘Seema Raja’ on circulation have already created a spurt of effect and enthusiasm among the cine-fans.

Meanwhile, the Art Director Muthuraj had thanked the other members of the production team.

He shared:

‘If my work in Seema Raja is attracting more attention and appreciation, it is mainly attributable to the cinematography of Balasubramanian. He appreciated every minute aspect of my artwork. He regularly used to ask for my suggestions before the start of the shooting. The music director D. Imaan has created a festival environment in the movie with his effort.


‘as regards the producer, R. D. Raja od 24 AM Studios, generally, when films with rural backdrop are made, there will be some restrictions/limitations imposed on the Art Department by the producer. Mostly, our work will be limited to setting up the environment of a temple festival or the market. However, the producer R. D. Raja gave me the full liberty to exhibit all my ideas and talent.

Though I used to make some compromises to save on extra expenses, the producer still encouraged me as he was interested in a quality result/product.

Further, the efforts of Ponram towards depicting the rural life as colourful and natural as possible inspired me with more efforts and experiments.

With Seema Raja, I derived the satisfaction of having worked in a great successful movie!’

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