Shankar leaves Mid-Chennai in heavy smoke for 2.0

Filmmaker Shankar is someone, who never wants to settle down or compromise even with the smallest things. He is someone, who keenly offers his complete focus on detailing over minute things and yes, he is nurturing his upcoming baby ‘2.0’ with more and more grandeur.


Recently, it happened that there was a scene to be shot, where a luxurious car was to be blasted. This scene could have been done with merely CG and animation experts, but he felt the need to be shot in live. So he and his team had managed to bring up a heavy container and blasted it across the lanes of Saligramam, an area which is known for the famous studios, where Tamil films are shot. As soon as the container was blasted, the entire ambiance and residents over there were appalled to see the heavy smoke and unbearable noise.


But on the part of 2.0, the entire team was happy that the sequence has been canned with perfection. Superstar Rajinikanth will be joining the sets of 2.0 by this weekend and shoot will go on at EVP Amusement Park, where the huge sets have been already erected.

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