Shanthini Tamizharasan’s flight to mainstream heroine league

Actress Shanthini Thamizharasan has mentioned that she is happy because she is donning the role of a novelist.


Actress Shanthini Thamizharasan is now busy acting in more than 10 films. She who is donning varieties of roles is also donning cameo roles. Recently she danced for a song in the film Kadagu.


Currently Actress Shanthini is donning the role of a novelist in a film titled Raja Ranguski directed by Dharanidharan. Dharanidharan is producing the film under the banner Burma Pictures. Actress Shanthini Thamizharasan while speaking about this said, “Ranguski is the pen name of the famous novelist Sujatha.


I am donning the role of a bold novelist. I am donning the role of a city based girl. This is a totally different role which I have never done before. I am very happy to act in this. Harish is donning the lead role. He was a great strength to me at the shooting spot. Raja Ranguski  will entertain all the audience.”


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