Shruthi Haasan’s assurance and confirmation on Sabaash Naidu

Recently actress Shruthi Haasan spoke to the media. She while speaking said, “ I have been in cinema for the last 10 years. In the beginning my films was not doing well at the box office. Because of this, the industry sidelined me by saying that I am unlucky actress. Shruthi Haasan2 I suffered for three years. At that point of time, Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan offered me the lead role in the Telugu film Gabbar Singh. The film turned out to be a hit. Since the film ran successfully my life changed.  Now I am busy acting in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films. I am acting with my dad Kamal Haasan in the film Sabaash Naidu. It is not east to act with him. Shruthi Haasan3 He expects everyone in the sets to work hard like him. I was really scared to act with him. After working with him, his speed got imbibed in me. My father is a very firm person. Few months back my father had a fall and there was a fracture in his leg. I thought that it will take a year for him to revive. But because of his mental ability, he got cured quickly. No one could recover so fast. If he makes a decision, he will somehow achieve it. Very soon we will commence the shooting of Sabaash Naidu. Shruthi HaasanMy name was actually my father’s mother name Rajalakshmi. Since I had a keen interest in music, I was called Shruthi. This name became permanent later on. In future I will cut musical albums. After becoming actress, my life is being spent in shootings, five star hotels and air travels. I like children very much. So I will get married to bear children.”


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