Sivaji Productions to produce a film on Life of St Thomas

Sivaji Productions in association with Hollywood’s Darwin Entertainments are producing a film on St Thomas who was one of the apostles of Lord Jesus. In the year  52 AD,, St Thomas came to India and preached the good news in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


He was killed in Chennai. The history of his life will be narrated in the film. Hollywood and Indian actors and actresses will be working in this film. The pre-production works of the film are underway. The shooting of the film will commence during the first week of January 2018.


It is worth mentioning that Saint Thomas is considered as one of the most eminent personalities of saintly nature for his kind mission of spreading message of love and hope among mankind. Over the international panorama of Tamil cinema, it has very least dealt with movies based on the saintly people.


It had initially attempted something with life of Jesus, which was in an amateur manner, but now with the Hollywood production house getting into the picture, it is surely going to make it yet more embellishing for the religion of Christianity.


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