Sivakarthikeyan’s REMO plot leaked?

Sivakarthikeyan is known for picking simple but engrossing tales and his upcoming film ‘Remo’ seems to be one among them. The film is about a happy go lucky youngster (Sivakarthikeyan), who falls in love with a beautiful nurse (Keerthy Suresh).


When she doesn’t accept his proposal of love, he decides to disguise himself as a nurse and joins the same hospital, where she is working. He starts propagandizing about the good things of Sivakarthikeyan so as to gain her sympathy. During the nurse service, he comes across a kid hospitalized there, who instantly becomes so closer to him.

Sivakarthikeyan’s REMO

Even a day without his presence becomes a hurdle for the kid. After few days, Keerthy Suresh finds out the real identity of Sivakarthikeyan and then he walks out of the hospital promising that he would never turn her side. But then the situations gets worsened when the kid that unconditionally is fond of Sivakarthikeyan is on the death bed wants to see him. Will Siva now again dress himself as the nurse and fulfill the kid’s last wish or avoid as per his promise to his girlfriend forms crux of the story.

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