Spanish film Julias Eyes to be remade in Tamil and Telugu

The Spanish film Julia’s Eyes was released in the year 2010. This film was a great hit in European countries. This film was also released in India. This film yielded a profit of 20 million dollars in Spain alone. This film won laurels. The story of the film is about a girl called Julia who investigates the mystery shrouding her sister’s death. In this process, she loses her sight. What happens after this is the rest of the story.  Guillermo Del Toro had produced this film. Now this film is to be remade in India in two languages.

Famous cinematographer Kabir Lal will be producing and directing this remake in Tamil and Telugu. Kabir Lal had handled the camera in more than 100 films including Hindi films Parades, Apne, Welcome Back, Telugu films Aditya 369 and Bhairava Dweepam.


He has also handled the camera for the superhit Tamil film Michael Madhana Kamarajan. In the film Michael Madhana Kamarajan, he has shown four Kamal Haasans in a single frame when technology was not advanced at that point of time.

Kabir Lal while speaking about Julia’s Eyes said, “This film has interesting screenplay. I had the intention of making this film in India. Now I have decided to remake this film in Tamil and Telugu. Afterwards I will remake this film in other Indian languages.”

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