STR and Anirudh officially collaborate first time

Young Superstar Silambarasan and music director Anirudh together had hit the headlines for a reason involving ‘Beep Song’, but then it was a bizarre that unexpected made everyone disgusted. But now they are here to let everyone celebrate a newfangled massive number.

STR and Anirudh

It is all about Anirudh’s upcoming album ‘Rum’, which has a song titled ‘Peiyophobilia’. The song is written by Vivek and it is crafted in a Gibberish style. Speaking about this song, Anirudh says, “As soon as I started to compose this song, it was none other than Silambarasan striking my mind, because I felt he could be the only person who could do complete justice to this number.

STR and Anirudh3

We have styled the song in a Gibberish way. The song is about whether to be scared about the ghost or not and also focalizes on the lyrics saying that there are many scary things in the real world than the ghost.”

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