STR extends heavy support for Jallikattu

Jallikattu happens to be the most intriguingpart of Tamil culture, where it all proves to be an aesthetical art and game of taming the Bull for the festive occasion of Pongal season. But then, the Supreme Court had given a ban on this game saying that it is dangerous to both Human and Animal life. Jallikattu2 On the other end, it is worth mentioning that Tamil groups are giving their earnest support gainst the decision of Supreme Court saying that it is hampering the Tamil culture and it is an intentional move to diminish the Tamil arts and culture. Jallikattu3 Many Tamil celebrities have been extending their support against the decision of Supreme Court. Now actor STR has come to the support raising his voice. He has informed the news through the message on the micro-blogging page. Jallikattu1It is noteworthy that STR had participated in the Eelam protest made by Loyola College Students. This actor has always stand up for the rights of Tamilians all over the world.

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