Suriya slams, “There are at least 2 wine shops in villages without a school”

Actor Suriya is well known for his earnest involvement in AGARAM Foundation that has been striving well for the better educational growth in the state. Recently, there was a launch of ‘Aram Seiyya Virumbu’ that is a compiled work of real-life incidents that happened in the AGARAM Foundation students. Speaking on the occasion, being the founder, Suriya said, “It is literally saddening to see that there are at least 2 wine shops in remote villages that don’t have even a single school or library. The government must focus upon the educational standards.”

Suriya slams

Adding more he said that ever since the original of Agaram Foundation in 2006, the volunteers there have been energetically and enthusiastically working upon the best means to offer education to the poor and underprivileged students. The actor clarifies saying that the ones scoring top marks in 12th Std are easily getting honored with all aspects by Government and private agencies. But the ones who scored 750 marks due to the family issues and although interested couldn’t pursue education go back to do petty jobs. In fact, they would be the first in their entire lineage to pursue education. But unfortunately, fail to continue their education. Agaram Foundation earnestly focuses on them offering them with all the best means of support.

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