Suriya’s ‘24’ cinematographer slams AR Murugadoss

It all happens every year when certain great honours like National awards are announced, there would be bouquets and brickbats spangling up the scenario. It is no different this year as most of the film personalities have expressed their disappointments and wrath over the announcement of National awards. One among them is filmmaker-producer AR Murugadoss, who tweeted on his micro-blogging page that National awards are given based on biased motives.

Cinematographer Thiru

Cinematographer Thiru won ‘Best Cinematographer Award’ for his spellbinding work in Suriya starrer ‘24’. It was so much evident that he had extended very spectacular performance cinematography. In fact, everyone in the industry has praising and acclaiming his hard work saying that he really deserved the awards.


But he was disappointed with the way AR Murugadoss commented on the awards, though not in a personal motive. Thiru in one of his interviews has said that in a country like India, there are so many regional movies and lots of considerations are based upon the criteria. One should consider awards as an encouragement and not a status that describes their worthiness. “Even I had expected lots of awards before, but I didn’t get it. But now I am now happy about,” tots up Thiru.

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