Is Masss title to be changed?

Tamil Actor SuriyaSurya is donning the lead role in a film titled Masss. Venkat Prabhu is directing the film. Nayanthara is pairing with Surya. Pranitha, Premgi, Jayaram and Parthiban are also starring in the film. Yuvan Shankar Raja is composing the music.

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The shooting of the film has come to an end. The film is to be released shortly. Now a controversy has arisen with regard to the title Masss. Masss in not a Tamil title, hence it would not be eligible for Tamil Nadu State Government Tax exemption.

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I am not like the old Anjali. I have changed a lot: Actress Anjali

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The last film which Anjali had acted was Vathikuchi. This film was released in 2012. After this she did not act in any Tamil films because of her family problems.
She kept away from acting and was staying in Hyderabad. After a long time, she is now acting in Tamil films. She is pairing with Jayam Ravi in Appatakkar and with Vemal in Mapla Singam.
She while speaking said, “Cinema has changed me a lot. When I debuted I had some personal characteristics. After some time, the characteristics have gone.
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Jyothika changed me: Actress Nayanthara

Actress Nayanthara and JyothikaDuring the free time, many actresses spend their time in different ways. Some actors and actresses will be chatting. Some will be digging the mobile phones.

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Some will be speaking on the mobile phone for a long time. Others sleep in the caravan. As far as Nayanthara is concerned she had the habit of seeing pictures and sending SMSs on her phones.

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My life changed because of Rajini’s advice: Sonakshi Sinha

/images/DailyNewsPhotos/2014/Sonakshi Sinha15.jpgBollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha has mentioned that her life has changed because of Rajini’s advice. Sonakshi Sinha has paired with Rajinikanth in Lingaa.

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The shooting of the film has been completed and is getting ready for release. At this juncture, Sonakshi Sinha spoke about her experience with Rajinikanth.

She said, “In Hindi I have paired with leading actors like Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Shahid Kapoor but my role model is Rajinikanth. I can never forget acting with Rajinikanth in Lingaa. 

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I have not changed my name: Music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja

Music composer Yuvan Shankar RajaYuvan Shankar Raja is one of the leading music composers of India. A couple of months back, he embraced Islamism. He had announced that he embraced this religion because he was highly impressed by its principles.

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This announcement came as a shock to many. It was also mentioned that he followed the footsteps of A R Rahman. Now Yuvan is praying five times a day as per the Muslim rules. He is regular to mosques.

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Cinema has not changed as far as women is concerned: Actress Lekha Washington

Actress Lekha WashingtonBold and Beautiful. That is Lekha Washington. We had a chat with her when she came to Chennai.

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Why this long gap?

I want to make one thing very clear. I am not a usual actress. I have certain ethics. I don’t see cinema as a money earning industry. I see it has a fashion. Actually I have studied four years course in film direction at Ahmadabad Film Industry. With this education, I cannot act in films without any clarity. Script is very important for an actor. Story is important. There is a gap because of these kinds of policies.

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