There is no one to guide me: Actress Sadha

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Actress Sadha has mentioned that she has no godfather in the cinema industry to guide her and that is the reason that she couldn’t make it big in the films.
Actress Sadha made her debut in the film Jayam. She enthralled the audience with her glamour in her debut film itself.
After this she continued to act in the Tamil films Anniyan, Thirupathi and Unnale Unnale. In spite of this, she was not able to make it to the top.
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When is my marriage: Actress Sadha?

Actres SadhaActress Sadha had acted in numerous Tamil films such as Jayam, Anniyan, Thirupathi and Varnajaalam. She had paired with leading actors like Ajith and Vikram. In spite of this, she did not get many offers. At this juncture, she made a special appearance in a film titled Madha Gaja Raja which has Vishal in the lead role. This film is yet to be released.

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Sadha while speaking said, ” I will play myself in the thriller film directed by She will play herself in the thriller film directed by Hashim Marikar. Many are asking that why I have not been seen in films for a long time.

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