/images/DailyNewsPhotos/2013/Surya17.jpgSingam 2 is a film which had Surya, Hansika and Anushka in the cast. The super hit film has been directed by Hari.

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There is a sequence in this film wherein the villain will be thrown into the sea. Ranjan had donned that role. He had continuously acted in Hari’s 12 films.

Surya was fighting ferociously in this sequence with Ranjan. Ranjan jumped into the sea as the story demanded. Unfortunately he hit a rock.
He sustained severe injury in his knees. He was admitted in a nearby hospital. The doctors who treated Ranjan had mentioned that he will not be able to walk in the future and because of this Ranjan’s family are grieving.  

Surya visited only once and met Ranjan in the hospital and after this he did not even bother to visit him. None of the crew members also visited him.
One of the police officials who were on security duty at the shooting spot took care of Ranjan. When this official told Surya and Hari about Ranjan’s condition, Surya has said that he is not in a position to do anything.
Hari has stated that, “Ranjan should have carefully performed this stunt sequence and hence I cannot do anything about this.”

The official who was shocked on hearing this was perplexed. Then he went to Vijay who was shooting for Jilla nearby. Vijay immediately gave Rs 40, 000 and also asked his assistant to buy two months provisions for Ranjan’s family.  
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Rani  - Accountant   |173.33.184.xxx |2013-08-17 17:56:12
Is there any proof tht vijay helped Ranjan, people pls stop comparing actors,
the whole world knows that Surya helps educating kids, so people stop spreading
Raj  - Mr.   |114.198.36.xxx |2013-08-19 00:06:43
Ranjan should take the producer to court for damages.I wonder whether the
producers in India take third party insurance to cover any accidents while
If this would have happened in Australia a hefty compensation
amounting to thousands will be paid to injured Ranjan.
I pray he recovers soon.
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