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I will not act in kissing sequences: Hansika
Tuesday, 27 January 2015 | Comment (0)

Tamil Actress HansikaThese days when there is a stiff competition in the Tamil film industry, actresses are willing to act in kissing sequences in order to sustain themselves. Directors force new actresses to act in kissing sequences.

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The Censor Board members are also liberal and they allow such sequences. Now directors have started forcing leading heroines to act in kissing sequences. Some of the actresses have started acting in such sequences without reluctance.

Nayanthara dubs for the first time
Tuesday, 27 January 2015 | Comment (0)

Tamil Actress NayantharaNayanthara made her debut in the film Ayah. Even after 10 years, she is one of the leading actresses of the Tamil and Telugu film industries. But so far she has not dubbed for her films in her own voice. For the first time, she is dubbing.

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She had agreed for this because her ex lover Simbhu had asked her to dub. Nayanthara was avoiding Simbhu after they parted ways. After a long gap, she agreed to pair with Simbhu. Both of them are pairing in the film titled Idhu Namma Aalu. The shooting of the film is in final stages. Pandiraj is directing the film. Simbhu is producing the film which has the music of his younger brother Kuralarasan.

I don’t have the habit of drinking: Actress Anjali
Tuesday, 27 January 2015 | Comment (0)

Actress AnjaliRecently there was sensational news about actress Anjali. It was mentioned that Anjali along with her friends went to a five star pub in Hyderabad and got drunk and under influence of alcohol she had pounced angrily on a youth.

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This news was telecast in the local TV channels in Andhra Pradesh. Anjali was also sternly warned by the police. When asked Anjali about this, she said, "Wrong rumours are being spread about me. I had been overseas for shooting and returned two days back to Hyderabad. Around 9 PM I had been to restaurant along with my friends to have dinner.

Trisha gets betrothed to Varun Manian
Saturday, 24 January 2015 | Comment (0)
Yesterday Trisha got betrothed to businessman Varun Manian in Chennai. Trisha is a famous and leading actress of the Tamil film industry.
She has been in the field for the last 12 years. During these years, there will be much news about her marriage. Recently photos featuring Trisha and Varun Manian started appearing in various websites and publications.  
After this, there was news that Trisha has fallen in love with Varun Manian. Trisha denied this news.

Betrothal of Trisha-Varun Manian to take place today
Friday, 23 January 2015 | Comment (0)

Trisha and Varun ManianLeading actress Trisha is getting betrothed to businessman Varun Manian today. Only close relatives and friends of Trisha and Varun Manian are invited for this betrothal function. During the betrothal function Varun Manian will gift Trisha with a 4.5 solitaire ring, a Harry Winston diamond set in platinum.

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During the function Trisha will be wearing saree designed the famous costume designer Neeta and Nishka Lulla. Tomorrow Trisha and Varun Manian will be hosting a party to close friends on the occasion of their engagement.


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