ShobanaShobana is a comedy actress  who had acted in TV serials and films. She has also acted in many films including Sillunnu Oru Kadhal , Jaganmohini and Sura with Vadivelu. Shobana had committed suicide on Monday by hanging herself when her mother had gone out to the bank. When her mother returned, she was startled because Shobana did not open the door. She somehow managed to enter the house and found out that Shobana was hanging and was struggling for life. She immediately called her neighbors for help and Shobana was rushed to the hospital where she was declared dead. The reason for her death is unknown. She is yet to be married.

It seems that she was suffering from Chickungunya three months back and because of this she has developed stomach ache. Not able to put up with this pain she has committed suicide. The local police have registered a case and investigating the case. Shobana has been acting with Venniradai Murthy  in TV comedy serials. Venniradai Murthy while speaking about her said,”Not only that she has sense of humor, she can speak Tamil very clearly. She has good memory power. Whatever length the dialogue may be, she will talk fluently  without any hindrance. I came to know only last night that she has committed suicide. I was shocked. I have been conducting comedy programme for the last 11 years for the TV channel.  For the last nine years, she is working in my group.       

She has also paired with Vadivelu in cinema. If she had continued to act in cinema for two more years, she would have  earned the name of the best comedy actress. But she has made a wrong decision. “ When asked him whether she was in love with crew’s director, he said,” Not only she is a good actress, she is also a disciplined person. When I speak to her , I speak about acting only. I have not asked her about her personal life. I don’t know whether she is in love with the director or any other person.” Since there is doubt in her death, the police are making enquiries with the people who was close to her.

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Anonymous   | |2011-01-12 14:08:18
this really a shocking news. everybody likes her so much " let her rest in
ajaykumar  - shobana death   | |2011-01-12 16:02:40
this is really shocking that an established comedian like shobana died so
cruelly without a second chance to save herself.OMG whats happening on earth and
how can death be so cruel on a person like shobana?Her comedy timing and tamil
diction is being lauded by a veteran like Venniradamurty and tragedy in life of
a comedian has cost another life.Tamil artistes association should address these
personal issues of artistes who are rolemodels and deaths like these be avoided
since they send wrong signals to young minds.
ansar   | |2011-01-12 23:51:01
how stupid thing she did, idiot,i dont know how they people realize that the
suicide is the solution.
teena   | |2011-01-13 07:29:07
this is a really shocking news. :(
R.I.P Shobana
SURESH  - IYYO PAAVAM   | |2011-01-13 08:09:50
Anonymous  - shocking   | |2011-01-13 08:33:30
So Sad. I dont Expect this. she's Realy Good Acting comedy out standing. I Like
very well....
(We Will Miss for one good actress)


God Bless You.

jo  - ayyo pavam   | |2011-01-13 09:53:30
So sad, she's realy good comedy acting
dr t giridhar  - unbelievable   | |2011-01-13 11:22:26
shobana was a wonderful comedian. Her acting skills alongwith dialogue
delievery,timing and modulation was laudable. All i can say is we have lost a
talented artiste.

may your soul rest in peace,shobana.
SADIQ BASHA  - Really Sad news   | |2011-01-13 13:45:21
We missed one of the very good comedy actress who can act decently.

Peace to
her soul :(
loges  - shocking   | |2011-01-13 17:25:13
shocking news,she"s very good actress, may rest in peace.
Venkateswaran  - Her sould rest in peace   | |2011-01-14 09:05:18
She is really a good acrtress.
We are praying for the God to give mental
strength to her mother. :(
sathish kumar   | |2011-01-14 09:15:04
i think that she takes bad decision anyway i pray for her........
shan  - shocking nres   | |2011-01-15 21:56:03
Why she did this only her self knows anyway May Gob Bless her...

She was a
good actress and with beautiful smile... : :shock:
KK  - South Indian Film Industry loses a good female com   | |2011-01-16 04:18:03
:shock: :(

It is very shocking... I like her acting very much... she is
equal to kovai sarala in comedy... Let her soul rest in peace.
chanila  - rest in peace   | |2011-01-16 09:02:46
before take an action, she should think of the others who love her a lot,anyway
past is past,we pray athma shanthi for her. :(
DivyaSelvaraj   | |2011-01-18 05:18:37
very very sad news.

i just cannot imagine that shobana is a very good and
courage actress in tamil film. her way of speaking tamil without any mistakes in
my family all of them like her acting. she should not choose this kind of

Nearly so sad of her. :shock: :shock: :(
jaas   | |2011-01-19 03:55:39
wonderful comedian.y ths film fellows always endup in bad decision.may her soul
rest in heaven
Anonymous   | |2011-01-20 09:30:07
why most of the actor / actress commit suicide???? i dont understand. stupid
decision where u cant think for ur self !!!!
kaviya sathish  - lost of good actress   | |2011-01-23 01:00:51
:( it is very shocking news any we wil pray
kaviya sathish  - sad news   | |2011-01-23 01:04:36
:( it is very bad news any way we pray
Shuaib Ali / Sri Lanka  - Shuaib - Sri Lanka   | |2011-01-25 10:39:35
Indeed! very sad news. I like her skills in comedy acting. We used to watch a
lot of her dramas. MAY HER REST IN PEACE!
Anonymous   | |2011-01-28 03:38:05
so sad :(
r.i.p bye bye forever:(
shabany  - Why did she die??   | |2011-01-28 14:05:51
Why did she die?? What is the reason?? Why didnt she tell anyone that this was
going to happen?? I really feel sorryfor her and she should not of died!!!
ntheivanayagy  - very sad news   | |2011-01-29 07:48:42
:( very sad news n :shock: shocking news.
monisha  - sad and shocking news   | |2011-02-07 09:25:18
Really v miss a good comedy actress.. her acting in siruthai was extra

she took bad decision, let god help the pour soul 2 rest in
Thiyagarajan  - re: rest in peace   | |2011-02-28 23:03:14
Good comedian we all mis her

i pray to god for her peace
tharman  - she has AIDS   | |2011-03-01 03:50:09
she has AIDS
P.S.KUMAR  - COMEDY BECOME TRAGEDY   | |2011-03-05 09:05:37
may her soul rest in peace...!  - RIP   | |2011-03-09 00:06:57
mohanasundaram  - why... why.... why.   | |2011-08-17 10:49:51
why....why....why....she committed suicide why. corrupted politicians are
living for very long years, spoiling the society by using their power and
popularity, but actress like shobhana, shobha, silk amitha are committing
suicide, why... why...why... the people around them are developing lust for
money, not understanding the soft human heart is inside an actress also. when
the world will become a beautiful place for human beings.
Revathi  - Miss u Akka   | |2011-09-12 06:03:49
Hi She s my cousin.akka nan una romba miss panren inime niyum nanum yepa ona
NIVITH PUNK GAL  - i miss her comedies   | |2011-12-15 09:04:37
rony  - sweety.   | |2012-08-28 14:43:20
We lost a good and talented actress may her soul rest in peace. :(
Anonymous   | |2012-09-23 02:20:30
We lost a very good and talented actress in the field.
May her soul rest in
peace! :( :( :(
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