Ramya NambeesanRamya Nambeesan while speaking to the media said, “Though I have earlier acted in Tamil films, I feel that Illaignan is my first innings. The character is so powerful. Definitely my innings in Illaignan will be an important aspect in my cinema career. 

Why are you not seen much in Tamil films? Why are you not using the opportunities at the time when there is dearth of heroines in Tamil cinema? 

I did a good role in the film Raman Thediya Seethai, but all the roles I got after this were all stereo type roles. So I felt that I can keep quiet instead of acting in these which will spoil my name. It was worth waiting because I got the role in Illaignan and I am sure that this film will change the image about me. I will soon be in the top position in Tamil cinema. 

Is it possible for you to retain your place when there are glamour queens like Anushka and Thamanna?


How long can a person keep on doing glamour roles? The audience will definitely need a change. At that time I will capture the space for me. If the story demands, I will also give power performance in glamour. I don’t want to be a busy actress. I like to act in a role where there is scope for little acting. Then I don’t mind doing excess glamour. 

Who is your best friend among the actresses? 

The only one Bhavana. We both share lots of things. We both do a lot of shopping in Cochin and Trichur. My Malayalam film Traffic is a big hit in Kerala. Similarly the Malayalam film in which Bhavana and Dhilip did the lead roles was also a great hit. It is celebration time for both of us.

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