Archana SharmaNow another problem has erupted for Archana who is doing the lead role in the film Shanthi. New face Archana Sharma is a new face acting in the film titled Ramanathapuram. 

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Before committing for the film Ramanathapuram, she has stripped and acted in a steamy bedroom sequence in the film Shanthi. This sequence is on the youtube. Seeing this sequence the Ramanathapuram crew was very upset because her role in this film is a homely one.

They wanted to introduce her name in the title card has new face Archana Sharma.

In a recent interview Archana had mentioned that the Shanthi’s crew had forcibly made her act in that bedroom scene. Apart from this she is very upset because Kollywood has stamped her as a blue film actress.

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Sunitha  - Neela Shanthi   | |2011-02-28 16:40:42
Podi Manakettavale..! I seen your bedroom scene ( you makeig him shanthi) in
Paavoo Ramanathapuram producer he has invested his sweat hard money on
this film, now this film will be a flop because of Bluefilm Rani as leading

If you spread your legs so cheap, this can spoil the name of other
innocient actress in the Industry.
Ennatha Sapadre ??
Rick   | |2012-11-02 05:54:43
Adi yei ne ennavo yokiyam mari pesara net la blue film thedipakaradhu ella pathu
mudichapparam nallava mari comment kodukaradhu. Edhuku indha manang ketta
Anonymous   | |2011-05-30 10:23:49
Well said Sunitha
Dr   | |2011-06-11 02:02:18
hey sunitha...are u married?
unni  - ooooh   | |2011-07-15 02:35:15
Archana that bed room scenes are avoidable one in that film, apart from that
everything you have done were crossed the limit.
dane  - archana   | |2011-12-01 09:39:00
hai archana u r a so sweet and very beutyful girl. So pze avoid hot seen....pze
do homely subject movie
dane   | |2011-12-01 09:41:20
archana u r a very beutyful girl.pze always do homely subject... I am u r fan
kris  - i love yoy   | |2011-12-26 16:26:16
i love you archana sharma.....
i havent seen a beautiful face of u in this
world....with out u....i think i cant see an other beautiful face like u ever
i faint bcoz of your beauti....what to say more....
exept to say....
love you.....
malik   | |2012-01-25 06:45:51
I want to st that tell just that if u one time wrong so why you go aother time
to there this world will be finish aftr some time then u all stand front of god
so what u give answer to ur god
think about u never servive in this world have
u any person who never die????????[/b]
Tanisha  - archana   | |2012-04-02 02:24:15
hey archana unakku enna arupa..mayirayi punda mavala..poi sapikko di thevidiya
mavala..sappi punde..shanti hero va nakithiya di..yen unakku intha
arapu..nakarathina poi room pothu naki..naayi mari theruvala ange inga padukatha
di..sappi naayi..aana onnu mathum sollanum di nee shanti ille..savadi shanti
Yogesh   | |2012-06-01 04:43:51
Hey archna u r very butiful i think u r tried in bollywood m definately sure u r
the best to katreena kareena nd anyone i wanna talk to u princess nd plz dnt
upset evrything write in ur life plz smile
farrukh  - most beautiful   | |2012-06-25 16:43:38
:P archana u r the most beautiful face in indian film industry.i dont know tamil
but still i enjoyed shanti very much.request u to do more films like
steamy sequence yr expressions are very natural and pretty,i love to see more of
Anil  - Hai Archana   | |2012-07-21 06:01:53
I am u r Big Fan..........
hukam  - good archana   | |2012-09-12 20:16:04
Hey archana i saw you santhi movie hot scenes i like very much please don't be
shy about that type of scene do more hot scene my you.
hukam   | |2012-09-12 20:17:05
Hey archana i saw you santhi movie hot scenes i like very much please don't
be shy about that type of scene do more hot scene my you.
Anonymous   | |2013-04-04 14:07:44
i believe that special roles/ films should be written for archana...she is
mesmarising beauty on screen...i would like to work with archana in near future
in hindi film...its genere is spiritual- writting it right now n my
production house will produce it... raj sangwan (mumbai...bollywood)
sumeet  - sumeet   | |2013-06-28 09:15:16
archana sharma u r hot
dev  - i m u r fan Archana.   | |2014-06-19 02:02:15
I like u r movie. plz come 2 mumbai bollywood & i think u r the best actrees in
bollywood. plz plz plz.
Anonymous   | |2014-12-01 13:06:18
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