Tamil Actress IniyaActress Iniya has requested not to evaluate her based on her kissing sequence. Actress Iniya had earlier donned the female lead role in the film Vaagai Sooda Vaa. Now she is donning the lead role in the film Ammavin Kaipesi directed by Thangar Bachan.

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Shanthanoo is donning the lead role in this film. There is a lip locking scene featuring Iniya and Shanthanoo. When asked Iniya about this, she said," I am donning the role of an IT professional in this film.

Thangar Bachan has directed this film Ammavin Kaipesi. This film is not alone a romantic film but it also depicts the feelings of a mother. My acting in the lip locking sequence has been blown out of proportion. So far I have donned homely roles and village girl roles. Because of this they are making a big issue about this.

My only request to my fans and audience is not to judge the film or my acting because of this one scene. As far as I am concerned I have donned a different kind of role in this film. I was in Singapore for the past one month to participate in the shooting of the film Kanpesum Varthaigal. Even before going to Singapore, there was talk about this kissing scene. I thought that this would have lost its leverage but still people are taking about it."

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