/images/DailyNewsPhotos/2013/Mamta Mohandas27.jpgMamta Mohandas had paired with Vishal in the Tamil film Sivappathigaram. She had also acted in numerous Telugu and Malayalam films.

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She had earlier suffered from cancer. She underwent treatment for this. She had mentioned at that time, that she will definitely recover.

She became well as she mentioned. Later on she got married. After marriage, she paired with Arun Vijay in the film titled Thadaiyara Thaakka.

She also continued to act in Malayalam films. At this point of time, she has fallen ill once again. For the last six months she has not acted in any films. She is undergoing treatment in a hospital.

One of her fans contacted her through the micro blogging site and enquired about her health. She has mentioned, “Earlier also I fell sick and recovered fully.

Now I have once again fallen ill. I am undergoing treatment. I am confident that I will fully recover from the illness this time also.” 

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